Digital Aerial Photography

  • Aerial imagery capture vast amounts of data simultaneously for large areas
  • Level of detail visible in the photos or pixel resolution depends on flying height of the aircraft
  • Pixel resolution can range from 3cm to 1m resolution
  • Stereo-coverage allows extraction of 3D information from the images
  • Available spectrums of aerial cameras offer colour, infrared, multispectral or thermal imagery
  • Historical imagery archives allow comparisons between different epochs

News And Events

Immediate Openings for LiDAR Technician: Exp: 1 -2yrs JD: LiDAR processing (Ground and non ground classification, Manmade features classification of LiDAR point cloud) in Terrasolid or other related software. Must have an excellent knowledge in Terrascan, Terramodel, Microstation

Geomatiques aero technologies pvt ltd recently completed 3D City Modelling project about 1000 Sq Km from a European Client

Geomatiques aero technologies pvt ltd has tied up with one of the leading Europe Company for execution of Stereocompilation till 2015

Geomatiques aero technologies pvt ltd is selected by one of the Europe company to create 3D city Modelling Project

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